P A S T   E V E N T S


EveryBODY : DIY Body Positive Strip Club

EveryBODY invites you to enter a temporary erogenous zone, a magical space where patriarchy is smashed and everyone appreciates ass. A night of radical performance, body positive celebration, and the worship of all things fleshy, filthy, and fun. Whether you're spectating or gyrating, all we ask is that you check your hang ups at door and spread your mind wide. EveryBODY is a judgement-free zone. Fat, skinny, waxed, hairy, white, brown, tanned, tone, ready to bone, ready to moan... we want to see what you got! Show it off, take it off, shake it off! SHAKE YOUR DICK, DON'T BE A DICK!

DIY Strip Club means that ANYONE can dance, no stage experience necessary. Our philosophy is that the bodies are BEAUTIFUL and booties DIVINE! We like our sexuality like a salad—Raw, lightly dressed, with a whole lot going on in the mix!  So scrub your mind clean of whatever advertisers TOLD you a body should be and EXPERIENCE an evening of depraved debauchery, hilarious hanky panky, and all things arousing! Free your mind and your ass will follow!

Consent is everything, so please respect the following limits: NO PHOTOS / NO TOUCHING / NO JERKS



This month the theme is Zero Waste, and it is all about re-evaluating our individual Needs vs Wants. We do not consent to the continued rape of our Earth to create products and packaging we do not want or need, only to have them end up in a landfill. We are each responsible for our personal impact on the environment and the trash we generate in so many areas including food & beverage packaging, fast fashion, single use plastics, bathroom & beauty supply, and always "needing" the new version of whatever the “hot item” is at the moment...
Saturday January 20, 2018  : 2 - 10pm
At PSKaufman in Downtown Los Angeles
More info and facebook page here.



It’s that time of the month y’all! We had a blast at Desert Daze and in New Orleans in October and now our (diva) cup overflows with joy to present you with our theme for November : ON MY PERIOD! Why continue to hide your tampons and stained panties in shame when you could be celebrating the magic of menstruation with others?! If 50% of the human population has a moon cycle and it’s a completely healthy and natural part of life, how in the hell did they get us believing it was gross, smelly, unclean and embarrassing for all this time?? In celebration of our glorious monthly cycles, we invite you to join us in painting the town red by coming dressed in your finest all red outfits to honor The Flow! 

Thursday November 16, 2017 : 7pm-11:30pm
At PSKaufman in Downtown Los Angeles
$10 WEARING A RED OUTFIT / $15 Not in red
More info and facebook page here.

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SELFISH : A Sunday Self Care Daytime Dance Party

In the self obsessed world world that we live in today, we place a remarkably low priority on actual Self Care. PUSSY POWER HOUSE events are a space to feel free and liberated and fully expressing your best self. We are creating a new type of community for all people to come and socialize in a group party setting, but still have time for self reflection and taking time to take care of your body + mind. SELFISH is a multi-room choose-your-own-adventure event with everything from a 420-friendly dance party, to reiki, massage, and tarot to hair cutting and a nail art bar (for all your physical, spiritual, and emotional needs!). 

Sunday September 17, 2017 • Noon - 5pm
Think Tank Gallery 939 Maple Ave, Downtown LAFacebook Event page here


If you're a Virgo (or someone who loves Virgos), then come celebrate with us!! Virgo is August 22 - September 22 and the great strengths of the Virgo-born are in their practicality, sharp mind and attention to detail. In honor of that, we are having a party dedicated to all the things Virgos love the most!!

Friday August 25, 2017 • 7pm - Midnight
At PSKaufman in Downtown Los Angeles

Facebook Event page here


Summer is in full swing and we want to celebrate the juicy sweet nectar of life with a party dedicated to the greatest summer love of all: FRUIT! Come chill with us, feed fruit to a stranger, try something you've never tasted, and maybe even partake in some watermelon wrestling - who knows what fruit will fall from the tree when the moment is ripe ;)

Thursday July 13, 2017 • 7 -11 pm
At PSKaufman in Downtown Los Angeles
Facebook Event page here


This month we will focus on how we can all expand ourselves through self love and introspection and have fun doing it! We will have a variety of different interactive areas to relax, read books in our library lounge, and connect with new + old friends. There were will performances throughout the night and a dance party at the end! These events are an alternative to typical bar culture - a meeting place free of alcohol and misogyny for all ages + genders!

Thursday June 22, 2017 • 7 -11 pm
At PSKaufman in Downtown Los Angeles
Facebook Event page here

Va-Jay-Jay Day : A Celebration of All Things Pussy!

Va-Jay-Jay Day is an educational and community building event based on the topic of pussy, wombs, menstruation, fertility and the internal reproductive system. Our intention for this event is to talk openly and specifically about the anatomy of the cunt. We are gathering around the common experience of having a pussy, regardless of gender identity. After thousands of years of womb shaming we are calling in a safe and private space to speak about our anatomy with others who share our experience. This is a place to go deep, learn, and heal while celebrating that fact that we have these beautiful bodies and we deserve to know how to use them ♥ 

$25 Suggested Donation
Pussy-having-people of all genders welcome!
Sunday May 21, 2017 • 1 - 6 pm
Private Location in NE Portland - Check FB Page

Facebook Event page here


It's the sensual revolution and we are in charge of nourishing our own mind, body, and higher selves. No miracle product can save us now - it is up to us to shift our conciseness and habits to embody the world WE want for ourselves. Taking time to focus on yourself and luxuriate in the finer things in life shouldn't be seen as something reserved only for the rich and famous - we ALL deserve to be pampered and to honor ourselves ♥ 

There will be an herbal apothecary area, handmade wearable pieces, 2D + 3D art, a tea and library zone, a DIY zero waste toothpaste zone, and several interactive performances throughout the night. 

Thursday May 11, 2017 • 7 -11 pm
PSKaufman / DTLA / 8th + Main St

Facebook Event page here



A night celebrating empowered female sexuality and plant medicine! It's the sensual revolution and in honor of 4:20 we have assembled a dream team of artists, designers, and performers to bring you into our magical world of earthy delights. There will be an herbal apothecary, handmade wearable pieces, 2D + 3D art, and several interactive performances throughout the night.

Wednesday April 19, 2017 • 7 -11 pm
Future Space LA / 1310 Main Street / Venice, CA 90291

Facebook Event page here

be. beyond the sins of our existence

Art + Performance Night during the Mar Vista Art Walk. Art, Jewelry, Live Performances, Tea, Boss Ass Witches, High Vibes. Dress in whatever makes you feel most powerful! Be vibrant! Be yourself!

Thursday March 2, 2017 • 6-10pm
Private Location in Mar Vista, CA