August 2019 : MEOW WOLF

“We need to have a space where women can just be the dominant energy. . .”

What would it be like if women ran the world? Corinne Loperfido and her feminist art community Pussy Power House are on a mission to show us. The self-described “Boss Ass Witch” imagines a culture free from sexual shame and ignorance–and manifests it in pop-up events all over the country, almost all of which are alcohol-free. The group is set to return to Taos Vortex and host a new experience this August 16–18 throughout the weekend. Keep Reading...


November 2018 : CENTRAL TRACK

At this wearable art show, the crowds were the gallery.

Earlier This Month At The WAAS Gallery, Performers Dressed Daringly And Boldly To Make Powerful (And Gorgeous) Statements On The Importance Of Expression.

Those who just came to simply gawk at the gorgeous pieces on display were able to do so rather immersively through engaging performances from Relvin, Tha Mystics, Bobby + Bre, Traimannequin and Jordan Jones, who roamed freely throughout the space, strutting and/or dancing throughout the course of the event while donning stimulating and colorful pieces from the Loperfido’s hand-selected show participants. Keep Reading...


April 2018 : BUST MAGAZINE

Recycled, repurposed, and radical wearables modeled by members of Pussy Power House—L.A.’s hottest feminist art community

These photos feature clothes and accessories made by independent designers who are using sustainable and repurposed materials to make new pieces. From IRISHLATINA’s “Waste Not” collection, made entirely from thrifted T-shirts and Hawaiian shirts, to my own bottle-cap necklaces, we are starting a conversation through fashion about over-consumption. In an age of fast fashion and food packaged in single-use plastic, at what point do we look at ourselves and ask: Have we gone too far?

Each designer showcased here is innovating new ways to create fresh fashion with reclaimed materials. Look closely and you’ll see that everything is made from post-consumer waste (plastic, single-use packaging used for food and drinks), pre-consumer waste (fabric scraps from the cutting-room floors of factories or deadstock fabrics), and other upcycled materials, such as used clothing. This is a call to action. Let’s all reconsider our consumer habits and start supporting new ways to design and buy. Keep Reading…



April 2018 : BUST MAGAZINE

Go WithThe Flow At This Pussy Power House "On My Period" Party

Pussy Power House is the L.A.-based interactive entertainment group bringing artistic, feminist parties to life. Corinne Loperfido founded the group to make a space for people with vaginas to celebrate and learn about vaginas. And sometimes those vaginas bleed. Pussy Power House says on its website "Why continue to hide your tampons and stained panties in shame when you could be celebrating the magic of menstruation with others?! If 51% of the human population has a moon cycle and it’s a completely healthy and natural part of life, how in the hell did they get us believing it was gross, smelly, unclean and embarrassing for all this time?? In celebration of our glorious monthly cycles, we invite you to join us in painting the town red by coming dressed in your finest all red outfits to honor The Flow!" Keep Reading...



February 2018 : LA WEEKLY

The Future of Cannabis Is Female, These Groups Aim to Ease the Way

"You flip the script. We're used to bros and booze, but what if it was about women and not-booze?" says Corinne Loperfido, who founded Pussy Power House to throw 420-friendly, alcohol-free parties, full moon circles and seminars on topics such as women's health. "It's time for weed to come out of the closet and into the public. So many people enjoy cannabis in different ways now that it's legalized and integrate that into the mainstream culture as an alternative." Keep Reading...



January 2018 : BUST Magazine

The House That Vadge Built

"Pussy Power House, a new L.A.-based arts group dedicated to presenting "interactive events and experiences by a community of women standing together to promote self-love and personal expression," has been making waves in L.A. since they began throwing parties in March [2017}. Pulsing with music, art, comedy, and live performance, their events follow a new theme each month - like "self care" "personal growth" and "selfishness" -- while also providing attendees with opportunities to learn about herbs at a medicine bar, shop handmade goods by local artisans, and connect with their feminist community."

Read more by getting the print issue of  BUST Feb / March 2018


May 2017 : Cosmic Chronicles

Pussy Power House: Why We Need More Events Like This

"By attending these events, you are not only given the opportunity to educate yourself about your body, and soul, but you are exposed to other boss ass witches who are all on that same tip of loving themselves and wanting to cultivate that further. To be surrounded in a room of like-minded women, coming together to support one another and share their gifts is nothing short of magic." Keep Reading...