We are always in need of volunteers, physical resources, and financial donations!
Would you like to get involved? Email us at pussypowerhouse@protonmail.com


- Volunteer at an event : deco, lighting, sound, photos, video
- Help promote events
- Grant writing
- Help us set up 501(c)3 Non Profit status
- Press + Social Media

- Rugs, Floor Pillows, Textiles, Salt lamps
- Lighting + Candles
- Tables + Fold Up Chairs
- Frequent Flier Miles / Airline Points
- Accommodations / Lodging / Residency space (international)

- Food, Drink, Snacks (ideally Organic + Locally sourced)
- If you have a product of any kind that you think might be in alignment with our ideals (woman owned business, zero waste, eco friendly, sustainable, community support, self expression, healing, good times, etc) please email us at pussypowerhouse@protonmail.com

Given that we currently live in a capitalism system based on money, we do still require some cold hard American money to pull off all these shenanigans! If you have extra money and want to see it go to a good people doing the goddesses work for the greater good of (wo)mankind, please email us at pussypowerhouse@protonmail.com to set up a donation